About Us

Coriander Leaf is a multi-concept award-winning restaurant that encompasses both authentic and innovative Pan-Asian dining experiences and path-breaking culinary education and team building programmes.

We celebrate Asian cultures and cuisines in a contemporary yet authentic way through our food and beverage offerings. inspired by a millennia of traditions, we aim to tell these stories on the dining table.

Our Founder

Samia Ahad’s culinary journey began in 1991, when she traded in her business suit for kitchen whites and chef’s knives. She has since become one of the pioneers of contemporary Asian cuisine in Singapore.

Samia’s bold yet familiar and comforting food reflects her philosophy of traditionality, simplicity and approachability. Her dedication to stay ahead of the curve and enhance her diners’ experiences has spearheaded Coriander Leaf’s transformation for over 20 years. Her passion for her craft is captured and articulated in her cookbook “Simply Samia”.

Food Philosophy

Coriander Leaf’s food philosophy is based on 3 R’s: Reimagine, Reinterpret, and Represent.

Through their vast experiences and knowledge, Chef Samia’s and Chef Iskander’s aim to bring the Asian continent together on a plate along distinct flavour verticals: fresh, spicy, familiar, umami and sweet.

Our modern take on classic, authentic Asian cuisine uses both inspired and traditional techniques, to see regional flavours re-created as sharing plates.

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